Top Reasons Why your Cats Needs a Scratch Post

As much as you love your furry feline friends, they can be downright annoying and stubborn sometimes. Cats are curious by nature, so they love to explore. They particularly love to explore higher ground, which is good for them but unfortunate for you. That means they love your counters and your tables and anywhere else that provides them with a bird’s eye view of your home. You might be surprised to see that the cherries you left on the table overnight are now spilled onto your floor, or you might be surprised to see the dinner you just cooked half eaten by the time you return to the room.

Taking care of a cat the first time is very hard and will take a lot of practice. The first thing you need to remember is to get your cats the things they need. One important cat furniture that you should get is a scratch post.

Scratched sofa, broken glasses is just the bad things that can happen when you do not have a scratch post. The post will allow you cat to scratch as much as they want.

To know why it is so important, read the reasons below.

1. If you do not want your things to be scratched on like your pillows or sofa then a scratch post for your cat is the best idea. Scratching is natural to cats because it is a way for them to clean their claws.

Several cat owners are not aware of this and they think that the main reason scratches are because they are just playing. So, if you still do not have a scratch post then better get one.

2. For them to stretch and play. There are scratch posts that go all the way to the ceiling and this is perfect for cats because they like climbing. Instead of climbing your cabinets and knocking of expensive displays, have your cats climb the post.

3. Save time and money. You will be able to save time because you will not spend extra hours cleaning up your cat’s mess. And you can save money because there will be less or no broken or damaged furniture anymore.

There are different kinds of scratch posts that you can buy from pet stores and online stores. Have your cats get used to it by praising them every time they use their post.

One more thing you can do get your cats play with their post is by spraying unpleasant scents to your furniture that will get your cats turned off. Then they look for something that will not displease them.